Justin Taylor posted this helpful link ( Justification and Union with Christ ). Phil Ryken is one of our brightest pastor/theologians. Take time to listen to his session.
http://youtube.com/v/SCNIBV87wV4 This is great! As far as I know Taylor Mali makes no claim of being a Christian (although he may be). What I find fascinating however is that he seems to give a spot on diagnosis of what is wrong in much of Christian leadership these days. In the immortal words of...
Yet another example of creating God in their own image from the wonderfully mysterious, uncertain, and downright confusing and confused world of the emerging church ( Emerging Women ).
More from Pure Church on the qualifications of elders ( Able to Teach ).
Dr. Peter Jensen the archbishop (Anglican) of Sydney, Australia, is a courageous leader and an admirable preacher. He also does not mind telling you just exactly what he is. In a series of messages from 2007 Dr. Jensen explains why he is Protestant (and not Catholic), Reformed (and not Arminian),...
The "I've been to heaven and back" book phenomena continues to grow. There is yet another one which has hit the New York Times bestseller list. Now we can read about Mary C. Neal's trip to heaven in her book "To Heaven And Back." Evangelicals love this stuff! The books by Don Piper and Todd Burpo...
On Sunday I preached part 22 in our current series through Philippians. It is entitled "What Do You Think" and can be listened to or downloaded HERE .
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4WL0w3it0s&w=460&h=259]


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