Considering the fact that Metro East will soon begin the process of prayerfully selecting elders, I will be posting a series of excellent articles by Thabiti Anyabwile on the biblical qualifications of those who serve the church as elders ( Those Above Reproach ).
Here is a link to some articles that Michael Horton wrote after his appearance on 60 Minutes in which he was intereviewed for a segment on Joel Osteen ( 60 Minutes, Osteen, and Horton ). Horton is one of the most articulate theologians of our day. His comments are thoughtful, truthful, and timely.
More on the qualifications of elders by Thabiti Anyabwile ( One Woman Man ).
This was posted over at Fide-O ( Trendy Pastors#links ). I remember when I was young and cool. Now that I'm forty and balding, it doesn't work too well. If I tried to spike my hair the people I pastor would not stop laughing. They know I'm not cool and it's okay with them. I don't even where a...
It is time for Joel Osteen to repent. His October 15th appearance on CBS’s 60 Minutes was yet another reminder that this pastor preaches a message that can only be construed by the most generous of imaginations as the Gospel. Time and again on his many television appearances Osteen has admitted (...
This made me laugh ( Good Looks = Bad Theology ).
More on the qualifications of elders from FBC Grand Cayman ( Temperate, Self-Controlled, Respectable ).
This is a great reminder of the importance of substantive preaching from Wade Burleson ( the Peril of Souls ). It is also a reminder of the importance of knowing our history.
More on the qualifications for elders ( Hospitable ).
The doctrine of justification by faith alone has always been attacked. Of course it was one of, if not the central issue of separation between the Church of Rome and the protestant reformers. The Roman Catholic Church still rejects justification by faith alone and the imputed righteousness of...


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