Beauty Embodied

Article by   February 2016
A striking literary maxim can confound us because it is both horribly wrong and wonderfully right. "Beauty will save the world." Oh yes (sarcasm), Renoir's Girl with a Watering Can will stay the machete of a thick-bearded Muslim extremist, and Brahms' Requiem will blunt the needles of heroin addicts: horribly wrong. But salvific beauty does not have to stay machetes. It can be subtle, cracking the shell of the commonplace that surrounds the human soul and flooding it with light. And if Renoir and Brahms can do that much, if Rilke's rhymes can make a hairline fracture and Rodin's Eve a pinhole, perhaps that is all we need: so, wonderfully right. And in tracing the theological roots of Dostoyevsky's maxim, I came to find just how profound it is. continue

The Biblical Basis for the Spirituality of the Church

Last week I posted a piece suggesting three principles by which the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) may respond to the call to confess racist tendencies in the years leading up to its founding.  One of these principles was to...
Posted February 4, 2016 @ 9:54 AM by Rick Phillips

Christological Confusion & China's Reforming Churches (part 12)

This is the final post in a twelve-part series on the current Christological confusion taking root in China's emerging Reformed community (see parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 and 10 and 11).ConclusionThere may be ways to construe the supposed pre-existent humanity of Christ without transgressing Chalcedonian orthodoxy--Klaas...
Posted February 3, 2016 @ 9:41 AM by Bruce Baugus

Meet the Puritans, where the dead still speak (Heb. 11:4)

Meet the Puritans, a partnership between the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals and Rev. Daniel Hyde, pastor of Oceanside United Reformed Church in Carlsbad, California, is now launched! We have assembled a great lineup of pastors and scholars whose passion is...
Posted February 2, 2016 @ 7:45 PM by Robert Brady

Spoiled for Riches

I'm off to South Africa to give a series of lectures in Cape Town at a new seminary that has been started in Hout Bay. This "township" (Imizamo Yethu) is literally next door to our new campus, which is an...
Posted February 2, 2016 @ 10:11 AM by Mark Jones

Transfigured Hermeneutics 4 - Jesus as God's Glory Face in John's Gospel

This is the fourth part of a multipart discussion of the importance of the event of the Transfiguration for Christian theology and biblical reflection. In my first three posts, I argued for the significance accorded to the Transfiguration by its...
Posted February 1, 2016 @ 9:06 AM by Alastair Roberts

Christological Confusion & China's Reforming Churches (part 11)

This is the eleventh post in a twelve-part series on the current Christological confusion taking root in China's emerging Reformed community (see parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 and 10).Seventh Statement: The "Unknown Humanity of God in Christ""Until recent times," Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen observes, "the idea...
Posted January 29, 2016 @ 9:06 AM by Bruce Baugus

John Owen was an Anglican

Having previously proved without any shadow of a doubt that the great John Owen was not a Baptist, no, definitely not a Baptist, and certainly not a Presbyterian, it is important that we now go one step further. In this...
Posted January 28, 2016 @ 8:46 AM by Lee Gatiss

Ressourcement: retrieving our past for present faithfulness

Ressourcement: retrieving our past for present faithfulness--true history in The Letter to DiognetusImperial Rome, especially in the first two hundred years of its existence, was "obsessed with time" and its place in the flow of history.[1] This obsession with time...
Posted January 27, 2016 @ 1:51 PM by Michael Haykin
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