Brian McLaren, the elder statesman of the emergent church movement, has written in this book “A Generous Orthodoxy” that God as judge was perhaps a useful metaphor in some long past generation but today men and women need to construct more helpful and relevant metaphors for God. There is so much...
In September I began preaching a series of messages called “The Gospel-Driven Church.” It is part of an emphasis that I hope will be refreshing and challenging for Metro East. Much of it is the fruit of what the Lord was doing in my heart during the strategic ministry planning process. Along with...
http://youtube.com/v/jmusDcfipRA This is a pretty good example of spiritual abuse from the pastor of one of the nations newest mega-churches. Ironically, this "what have you done for Jesus lately" preaching simply replaces one type of Pharisee with another. It is a gospel-less message.
I have a new link in the "Bible and Theology" section of this blog. It is called "Gospel Pedlar" and is worth checking out. It links to a host of excellent articles on all manner of theological topics. Enjoy.
The following is from an article by Fred Zaspel on the invitation system. While almost unheard of before the 19th century, the "altar call" has become a fixture in Baptist, Weslayan, Pentecostal, and Nazarene traditions. In fact, many feel as if they have not been to church unless there was an...
One of the books I’ve been reading lately is “How People Change” by Paul Tripp and Timothy Lane. Tripp and Lane are faculty members at the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation in Glenside, PA. There is a link to the CCEF website on this blog. They are also both lecturers in practical...
Good observations on Mark Driscoll posted on Paleoevangelical( Funnier ). Be sure to check out the article from "Christianity Today."
There is a link to a great review of Richard Dawkins' book "The God Delusion" ( Dawkins ) posted on One-Way Road . Many of you have friends that have read the book. Sadly, skeptics and believers alike have been influenced by his spurious reasoning. Arm yourself with the truth.


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