We Few, We Happy Few.... and other links

We Few, We Happy Few.... and other links

As it seems I am the Last Man Standing at the Ref21 saloon, I here post a variety of links that have crossed my path over recent weeks.  Meanwhile, if anyone knows the whereabouts of Paul Levy, please keep that information to yourself.  His wife is enjoying the peace and quiet, I am told.

David Hall has just released a Kindle edition of Jus Divinum: The Divine Right of Church Government which is, after the Bible itself, probably the foundational document in the formulation of Presbyterian polity.

While we are talking biblical church government (or 'Presbyterianism' as it is now known), every Presbyterian should read The Presbyterian Conflict by Edwin Rian (or, possibly, by J. Gresham Machen....) every year or so.  It is the Presbyterian equivalent of watching this as an Englishman.  You can obtain it as an online copy or as a paperback here, though the description of the latter as 'attractive' makes me quake with fear for the aesthetic sensibilities of my denomination.

On a more serious contemporary note, the podcast on domestic abuse continues to garner comment.  Ref21 is grateful to Dr. Diane Langberg for providing some phone numbers for women trapped in abusive relationships.  The National Domestic Violence Hotline number is 1-800-799-SAFE.  Dr. Langberg's office is available to provide numbers for more local helplines.  Other materials can be found via Dr. Langberg's website here

Rob Ventura and Brian Borgman are interviewed about their forthcoming book on spiritual warfare here.  I have seen a copy of the MS and it is a very fine book.

The RCUS has brought to my attention that its report on human sexuality is now available as a Kindle book here.  I have not had a chance to read it as yet but it represents another NAPARC contribution to a vitally important area.  Some time ago i linked to the RPCNA's report on the same issues; it is excellent -- the best such report I have read -- and still available here.

Some have written in response to my pornography post asking for resources to help those counseling individuals caught in porn addiction.   The most helpful book I have read on the subject, recommended to me by David Gibson, is that by Craig Gross, The Dirty Little Secret.   If part of the key to slaying sin is learning to hate it, this book helps with that by pointing, among other things, to the degradation and human cost involved in the pornographic industry.  Beyond that, I would recommend John Owen, either 'neat' in his works on mortification and indwelling sin (available in volume 6 of his complete works or in a truly attractive(in a non-OPC aesthetic, sense) edition here or in a diluted and more accessible form from Kris Lundgaard here.

Finally, for a real treat, buy yourself a copy of the ultimate academics-meets-Reformed-theological-history-meets-real-beauty-in-a-single-book: Power of Faith: 450 Years of the Heidelberg Catechism, edited by Karla Apperloo-Boersma and Herman J. Serlderhuis.  Combining essays by scholars of the calibre of Lyle Bierma, Michael Haykin, Arie Baars and Wim Verboom with beautiful reproductions and illustrations, this is a book to treasure.  I ordered it thinking it was just an edited collection of essays.  When it arrived, I realised I had inadvertently stumbled across a gem.  If anyone from the OPC aesthetics committee is out there, take a look at this -- this is a truly attractive book.  And if anyone from the young, restless and right-on community is reading this -- go sell your skinny jeans and deny yourself an afternoon at the tanning studio,  and go out and buy a copy.  You will not regret it.