Twitter Announces the Winner of Last Night's Debate

Twitter Announces the Winner of Last Night's Debate

I've never participated in hashtags before. Never really saw myself as a hashtagger. And who has the time to actually follow the link and read every tweet being said about a particular topic? Well last night I watched the anticipated debate at Biola Universit between Peter Leithart, Fred Sanders, and Carl Trueman, and thought I'd give it a try. So I followed along with the other live feed going on in hashtag world: #protfuture. The debate was about the future of Protestantism. 

I learned a few things, one of which is that I am nowhere near as good at multitasking as I thought I was. I simply couldn't pay proper attention to the arguments, and read hashtag feeds at the same time. However, I did find a great pleasure in tweeting about all the other things that distract me when I'm trying to follow a speaker. You know, thoughts about the moderator, Peter Escalante's, mustache, and being utterly convinced that Carl didn't pick his fashionable shirt and tie out himself, and, is Leithart trying to come out with his own remake of John Lennon's "Imagine"?

All in all, I decided that in exchange for a small sacrifice of my intellectual concentration levels, I could have some fun in the same sort of way those annoying people talking at a movie do. I joined in with people like these guys:


Joe Rigney ‏‪@joe_rigney 7h

I don't think you all understood. Peter Escalante *is* Beetee from Hunger Games, with a cooler mustache.‪ ... ‪#protfuture


Anthony Bradley ‏‪@drantbradley 8h

Would ‪#protfuture be a more lively discussion if they were drinking beer or whiskey? LOL!! j/k


While the four professionals were engaging in lively discussion, it hit me:

Aimee Byrd ‏‪@aimeebyrdhwt 9h

‪#protfuture well the way I see it: PL=John Lennon. That would make Carl, Paul; Fred, George; & the other Peter, definitely Ringo.


Who won the debate? That's obvious!

Steve K. McCoy ‪@stevekmccoy 10h

The mustache wins. #protfuture