Southern Gnosticism and Cab Driving

Southern Gnosticism and Cab Driving

Well, I can now add Jerry Lee Lewis to the arcane gnostic zones of knowledge which are inaccessible to me.  A correspondent warns me not to write about Jerry Lee Lewis, as one has to be from the South to understand him which, as the writer points out, I evidently am not.  So Jerry Lee joins the ranks of the NPP (unlike all of its fans, I have no advanced degree in New Testament, and I'm also as thick as a brick), almost any American sport you can mention (I appreciate skill, not just steroid-induced size, and I don't like too many goals/points whatever), the female mind (I'm from Mars, they are from Venus), and Friends (call me a hide-bound traditionalist, but I think comedy should be funny) as areas I am simply not capable of understanding.  In fact, I'm going to focus on what I do best: cab driving.  You know, mate, I 'ad that Athanasius in the back of my cab recently.  What a diamond bloke, ayy?  Say what you like about 'im, I say, but he knew his 'omoousions from his 'omoiousions.....


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