So There I Was...

So There I Was...

...sitting in a mid-rear pew next to my pastor's son and friend, Greg, eager to hear what Phil Johnson had to say about The Glory of God. After enjoying the morning messages and a good lunch break, I was ready to be the model pew-sitter, pen in hand. Johnson begins, "Celebrity worship is the real religion of our culture..."


As I'm getting into the message, Greg and I sharing nods, it hit me. I had a session of Mortification of Spin podcast recordings that I was supposed to show up for upstairs. What time was that? What time is it? Uh oh. That's when I had to quietly explain to Greg that I was in the right place but at the wrong time, and do the walk of shame out of the sanctuary. As I walked the hallways, it was eerily quiet, not a team member insight. That pretty much signaled to me that I was officially late.

And so I wondered up the stairs all alone into the unknown and found some familiar faces. Sort of. I didn't recognized Carl at first in jeans and a polo shirt. But I just moseyed on in there as if I knew what I was doing (pretty much the strategy I always use), with the last line I heard from Phil Johnson still lingering in my mind, "A passion for God's glory is a key evidence of true faith. It is what we were created for: to enjoy and reflect the glory of God."

But the payoff was good. In our batch of recordings, Carl, Todd, and I were able to interview some of the PCRT speakers. So stay tuned for some great up and coming casual conversations that count with Phil Johnson, Derek Thomas, and Michael Horton. And maybe a few additional surprises from Derek Thomas... These are some MoS episodes that you will not want to miss.

And if you missed any of the PCRT sessions like I did, or could not make it altogether, the audio recordings are now available here. There will also be a "best of" set available soon. It will be time well spent.

If you want to read about one of Phil Johnson's great sessions that I was able to sit under, I wrote a reflection about Clean Hands and a Pure Heart here.