Louisville, KY--and yes, Virginia, there IS a "Yum Center!"
Together for the Gospel (T4G) directors have announced that they will be meeting for the final time in 2022, triggering a wide-ranging discussion on parachurch organizations. Todd waxes nostalgic as he recalls the many years he attended T4G and how those conferences influenced his life and ministry...
Until the end of the month, the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals is giving our readers the opportunity to download audio from a variety of Conferences at which R.C. spoke over a 30 year period. If you visit Reformed Resources , you will find audio from the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed...
Paul Levy
I see that my friends over at Mortification of Spin are taking a hiatus from having a go at conferences and big tent para-church ministries for the next week but thankfully continuing their obsession with critiquing complementarians. If you know of an event or a ministry they can take aim at in the...


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