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As we enter a New Year - with challenges and opportunities to serve our Lord - I ask that you prayerfully consider sharing the gifts and blessings God has bestowed you by giving a generous contribution to support by December 31, 2012. Your gift of just $20 can make a big impact. Visit to give today.

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As we move into 2013, I ask you to pray that God will continue providing for the needs of the Alliance and for the needs of those we serve through like Gretchen who shared,

"Thank you for all that you do, please never stop, never give up! Thank you again, God bless you... please know how much it means to those who are lost in a sea out there, I know, I was one of them."

Please help us meet our year-end goal of $152,166 so we can move forward in 2013 and continue equipping people with the life-changing Gospel message. If you've given recently, thank you so very much! Visit to make an impact today.

In Christ,

Robert Brady
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