On the Beauty of the Local Church

Our dear brother Paul Levy, who obviously needs a decent baptism, has affirmed that "networks, associations, affiliations and fellowships don't cut it," which is a fantastic assertion for a fellow whose standard confession of faith stops short of actually affirming the role of elder and pastors in a local church.  Of course he will affirm Synods and Councils in good form and order, but I wonder when the last time was his session conferred with the local PCUSA session for a little iron-sharpens-iron?

Far be it from me to say that we Baptists have the local/universal tensions all worked out and tidy -- because I think we don't by a longshot.  But given the limits of presbyterian (small-"p") government as actually practiced, I'm not sure throwing rocks at confessionally-united associations of independent churches is the most clever approach to advocating for the superiority of the sprinkled over the dunked in this case.

Should we ask for an editorial call regarding how to engage here, or does everybody know something about this issue that I don't?