We've been carrying Trueman too long............ & bringing unity to Ref21

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On the day after Trueman bows out let me say 'Good riddance to bad rubbish'. He was holding us back. Too establishment, he's becoming a statesman. To be honest I saw it coming when he joined the T4G bandwagon. Who can ever forget him grinning away on that panel, with his eyes rolling round and round like old Disney characters and finishing up with dollar signs. Since then there have been flashes of the old Carl but nothing like he was. I trust the two nodding dogs of Mortification of Spin will continue to treat Carl with the disrespect he deserves. Remember he's mortal like the rest of us. If he starts throwing mobile phones, firing random elders, getting on to the New York bestseller list, just call 'The Librarian'.

Carl gave me the best advice when I joined Ref21 and was nearly immediately involved in Krankie-gate:  Resign early and often. I trust the spirit of Trueman will live on.
Anyway the last couple of weeks have seen Big Frank and Jones going toe to toe on baptism. I wonder if we can move the conversation on to something less controversial and something we can all agree on.... church government.
Sean Lucas has written a really helpful intro in the Basics series on What is church government?  His conclusion states why Presbyterian denominations are the way forward and why networks, associations, affiliations and fellowships don't cut it........

There is a difference between a network of congregations and a connectional church. That difference comes in the principle of mutual relation expressed through practices of review and control, which are at the heart of Presbyterianism While a network of congregations may or may not notice or care when a sister church is going astray - or they may care but remain powerless to do anything - biblical Presbyterianism has processes in place to deal with issues. And while some in a network of churches may view their alliance as a temporary means toward a desired end, those who believe that Presbyterianism is biblical would say that the connection, the unity, that our churches share cannot be cast aside so easily. To leave such a connection thoughtlessly or without sufficient biblical grounds would be schism. Because schism is a ''formal and wilful separation from the unity of the church,'' it must rest upon profoundly doctrinal grounds in which the very gospel itself is at stake. Presbyterianism serves as a biblical polity to express in a visible fashion the unity of Christ's church.

(What is Church Government? p27)

Posted October 9, 2014 @ 5:28 AM by Paul Levy

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