Lest Levy thinks he's the only one that gets mail...

The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals is serious about proclaiming Biblical doctrine in order to foster a Reformed awakening in the Church today. We go about that in very deliberate and (usually) very careful ways. We are always serious about how we handle those great truths of scripture!

But occasional, often spurred on by the likes of Carl Trueman or Mark Jones, we find ourselves in the midst of jocularity. Trust me, I don't think they mean to be funny, but I know you are smarter and just have to laugh at... with them. For that, I applaud you. And sometimes, in the midst of a challenging time, a wandering series of posts, or a bitter cold snap here in the Northeast, having a bit of fun is good too!

So with that said, And lest Paul Levy thinks he's the only one hearing from folks with Pastors' Dog pictures...

This is Lucy, Pastor Bob Burris', from Taft Avenue Community Church in Orange CA

Lucy, Bob Burris, Taft Ave Comm in Orange CA.jpg

This is Molly, from Biff Gordon, our Reformation Society leader in Alaska -

Molly from Biff Gordon.jpeg

And last, but hardly least, our own Derek Thomas' Luther!

Luther, Derek Thomas.jpg