Church Leaders' Conference at Cairn University

If you are a pastor or elder in the greater Philadelphia area, you may be interested in the upcoming Cairn Church Leaders' Conference, on Thursday, April 11 from 9:00 AM-3:00 PM .  The conference is designed to encourage, support, and connect those ministering in local churches in the region, and will be hosted by Cairn University.  It is a cross-denominational event, and a number of friends of the Alliance (including the co-chair of our Princeton Conference on Reformed Theology) are either helping organize the conference or are attending it themselves.  The speaker is Kent Hughes, author and longtime pastor of College Church of Wheaton and an Alliance speaker as well.  His topic is, "Authentic New Covenant Ministry: Strength in Weakness."  Breakfast and lunch are included, along with free copies of several of Dr. Hughes' books.  For registration and more information, click here: