You've Been Cancelled!

American culture has been moving in a progressive direction at breakneck speed, with it, the language employed to define the trends. Today, Carl and Todd explore the meaning of “Cancel Culture” and the latest “cancellation” of a prominent conservative voice by one of the most powerful corporations in the country.

Ryan T. Anderson, who has been a guest on this podcast, was recently “canceled” for his book on transgenderism (“When Harry Became Sally”), which challenges the mainstream sexual orthodoxy and points out the dangers of body mutilation. What’s the significance of this book being removed from a major online retailer? Should we be alarmed? Join us for a timely and important conversation. 

Show Notes

·Listen to Ryan’s interview when “When Harry Became Sally” was first published.

·About Ryan T. Anderson

·How Ryan Anderson’s Banned Book ‘When Harry Became Sally’ Helped Me With Gender Dysphoria.