Blood Cries, "Binary!"

On the April 15 airing of SNL’s "Weekend Update,” the show’s first openly nonbinary cast member, Ms. Molly Kearney, though still using her singular female name yet celebrated being referred to by obliging backstage staff with the neuter pronouns “they” and “them” (reflecting “their” references to her elsewhere).[1]  In so doing she not only defies her God-given and biologically determined female identity but also denies the obvious reality that she is not plural—exposing the arbitrarily ludicrous LGBTQ+ agenda being pushed to new schizophrenic heights.

While there is no mistaking Kearney’s unoriginal attempts at being the female version of Chris Farley in the segment, there also is no missing her intention to exit with the air of angelic authority being lifted up with ropes as she declared,

If you don’t care about trans-kids’ lives, it means you don’t care about … kids’ lives.

… They got my pronouns right [nonbinary them” instead of her”]!  Lets go! 

What’s happening kids is wrong and you don’t need to be scared. Our job is to protect you and your job is to focus on being a kid … There’s a bunch of dudes asking you about your crotch and controlling when and where you’re allowed to pee.  But if you just hang on you’ll look up and realize, you’re flying kid!

Trans rocks!

First of all, let’s hope parents in fact care enough about their precious boys and girls to guard their vulnerable worlds from being rocked by viewing SNL, let alone not to permit them to be confused and brainwashed into risking psychological harm and physical abuse in bathrooms and locker rooms or mutilation on operating floors. 

The damage could go beyond corporal and emotional repair (see and  And the truth is that rather than seeking to protect children, societal predators like Ms. Kearney are grabbing at their underaged zippers and pulling them by their immature ears to turn our minors into suicide bombers of political warfare and cultural launchpads for rocketing queer careers.

My wife, who is very thankful to be liberated from what she laments as her native land’s more deeply and widely infested culture of sexual degradation and transgender disfigurement, recently shared an Instagram video with me of a Brazilian woman whom I would have otherwise never questioned to be a man by all outward appearances.  I couldn’t help but admit it was impressive how much mankind, made in God’s image, can so convincingly disguise sexual identity with modern technology.  A mastectomy and hormonal manipulation had flattened her chest; broadened her face, neck, torso, and appendages; grown dark bristly hair on her tattoo-graffitied arms and shoulders; deepened her voice; and even topped her off with a receding hairline.  (My understanding is that other methods were used to demolish and erect new pretend anatomy underneath her unmentionables.)  It was shocking to see pictures of her feminine beauty before her deformation; she had even been a professional model.  (One wonders if she tired of being objectified in a fallen man’s world, especially in her country.)

But with all the rejections of binary biological classification, a person’s maleness or femaleness can never be modified inwardly.  Crossdressing homosexuals and spayed and neutered transgendered folk will never be able to reproduce themselves other than by Pied Piper child trafficking that deceptively coerces adoption of their dogmatists while stealing away unadulterated childhoods.[2]

Not only does one’s soul truly know what his or her body and organs and hormones testify outwardly, a man or woman’s DNA cannot be denied by his or her heart of hearts.  What may be manipulated crudely from without can never be actually altered within.  Every one of our estimated 60 to 100 trillion cells (amidst 200 cell types) would need to have an X or Y chromosome replaced; yet this utter impossibility would still not recreate functional physiology opposite from how one was born.

Rev. Terry Johnson appeals to our reason:

Follow the science … The culture is willing to do anything but follow the science … how about the normalizing of transgenderism and that you can be a woman trapped in the body of a man and a man trapped in the body of a woman?  What does the science tell ya?  The science tells ya that every single cell in every single body is either male or female.  Your genes are either male genes … or they’re female genes.  The science would say you are in terms of gender what you are in biology and that’s all anybody in the human race in all of recorded history has ever understood until the recent, like five minutes ago … [3]

Every cell from within a person’s body announces an undeniable and unalterable sexual gender identity designation of male or female as precoded by our Designer. 

In his April 9 Wall Street Journal opinion column, even evolutionary biologist and fellow at the Manhattan Institute Dr. Colin Wright delineated sexuality scientifically:

When biologists claim that sex is binary, we mean something straightforward: There are only two sexes. This is true throughout the plant and animal kingdoms. An organisms sex is defined by the type of gamete (sperm or ova) it has the function of producing. Males have the function of producing sperm, or small gametes; females, ova, or large ones. Because there is no third gamete type, there are only two sexes. Sex is binary.

… [Nonbinary] Ideologues are wrong to insist that the biology of sex is so complex as to defy all categorization.[4]

On his personal website, though not communicating from the perspective of a creationist nor sharing the Apostle Paul’s condemnation of unnatural sexual lifestyles in Romans 1:24-28, Wright appeals to the science of sexuality and the need to get the word out through his writings on the subject in his, Realitys Last Stand,

… a publication dedicated to providing weekly news, articles, and other content about gender ideology and the science of sex differences.  In recent years we have seen the sudden rise of a narrative insisting that males and females are mere social constructs that exist along a spectrum or—even more extreme—that ones sex is defined by self-declared identity instead of objective biology.  Why do I focus so much on this particular issue? Because biological sex is a fundamental aspect of human biology, and denying the existence of males and females as real biological categories will not only prevent us from gaining important insight about the nature of our species, but will also cause harm and injustice in areas where sex differences matter. Furthermore, denying obvious facts about reality greatly erodes the publics trust in science.[5]

Similarly, this author is concerned that a default of submissive muteness which accommodates the lack of reality being preached by such self-appointed nonbinary prophetesses as Ms. Kearny, will further erode the public’s trust in the truth of God and His Word. 

Yet all humanity has instinctively known in every fiber of our being what Jesus, the final Prophet of Deuteronomy 18:15-18 through Whom all things were created, proclaimed in Mark 10:6: … from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female—and each of us is only one and not the other and certainly not both.  Some suppress this truth in unrighteousness, but it can never change their specific, innate genetic coding. 

There is just no getting away from binary biological categorizing each person’s gender identity as brother or sister, father or mother, uncle or aunt, grandpa or grandma, and only one of those, from birth—but even more, from the time he or she was conceived.

During his lecture entitled, “Every Cell Has a Sex: X and Y and the Future of Health Care,” sponsored by the Womens Behavioral Health Division of Yale School of Medicines Department of Psychiatry, Dr. David C. Page explained:

In humans, there are 23 pairs of chromosomes, which are structures found within the nucleus of every cell containing the tightly packed molecules known as deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), the material that carries the genetic code.

One pair of the 23 chromosomes, known as sex chromosomes, determines at conception whether a fertilized egg will develop into a male or female … human females have one pair of identical X chromosomes. Human males, instead of a matched pair, have one X and one smaller Y chromosome.

A human egg contains only an X chromosome. A human sperm contains either an X or a Y chromosome, thereby determining the sex of the offspring after fertilization. XX = female. XY = male.[6]

Notice, despite a potential feminist protest against the invasion of her autonomous decision making for her own body, even the very impregnated identity of a baby girl or boy is set by the father’s inserted contribution and by the design of the Father of Heavenly Lights.[7]

Of even more importance, Dr. Page was especially emphasizing the vital need to recognize how XX and XY chromosomes work differently throughout the body so as to better identify distinct treatments of the same disease in men and women respectively.

Binary biology flows through our veins expressing "boy” or girl” from inception and cleavage on to each baby crying out for Mama’s breasts after leaving her womb while Papa cuts the cord.  And just as Cain couldn’t quiet Abel’s blood crying out to God from the earth, so modern “civilization” won’t be able to wash our children’s blood off our hands when we allow them to be forced into nonbinary confusion and dissection.

Due to my wife’s higher “at risk” age of birthing children with potential defects she had been required three times to take special NIPT (noninvasive prenatal testing) blood exams at just ten weeks of gestation.[8]  While nothing would have changed our having and loving each covenant gift unconditionally, we eagerly took the tests because they also revealed early on whether we were having a boy or girl (two XY’s followed by one XX as it turned out in God’s providence—we like knowing and immediately speaking of and praying for them by their gender specific chosen names).  In fact, early NIPT reports are far more reliable (nearly perfect) than more errant observation of ultrasound images even much later during pregnancy.  And each blood test revealed the baby’s sex simply by listing, among other scientific chromosomal information, the child’s DNA as either XX or XY.

Each cell in every boy declares his masculinity, “I am male!”  And each cell in every girl of her femininity, “I am woman!”  And no amount of medical mutilation and diplomatic manipulation from without can muffle these voices within our society’s collective conscience while our children’s blood always will be crying out about our mutually inherent and lovely differentiated binary sexual biology.

Grant Van Leuven (XY) has been feeding the flock at the Puritan Reformed Presbyterian Church in San Diego, CA, since 2010.  He (XY) and his (XY) wife, Fernanda (XX), have seven covenant children: Rachel (XX), Olivia (XX), Abraham (XY), Isaac (XY), Gabriel (XY), Gideon (XY), and Giulianna (XX).  He (XY) earned his (XY) M.Div. at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, PA.

[3] Terry Johnson, “God’s Image Fallen in Adam,” in the 2022 Made in Gods Image” Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology held by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals in Byron Center, Mich., March, 11-13, 2022:  It also is highly recommended to view Richard Phillips’ lecture at the conference, “He Created Them Male and Female” (, to celebrate and embrace Biblical manhood and womanhood in marriage as our created and intended illustration of Christ and His Church.

[4] Colin Wright, “A Biologist Explains Why Sex Is Binary: In an effort to confuse the issue, gender ideologues cite rare ambiguous intersexcases,” Wall Street Journal (New York), 9 April 2023.  Online at

[6] David C. Page, “Every Cell Has a Sex: X and Y and the Future of Health Care,” lecture at Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, C.T., August 30, 2016.  Source:,of%20the%20offspring%20after%20fertilization.

[7] Thus, King Henry VIII was wickedly wrong to blame and punish his wives for his own lack of producing a male heir to the English throne.