A Man for All Sizes

Article by   August 2006

Posted 8/31/06

Editor's Note: Several months ago, Carl Trueman had some things to say about conferences and their relative importance in a series of blogs (click here for a sample). Part of his critique included observations about the importance of the local church (regardless of size). What follows is a report from one such church:

Carl's taken a lot of ribbing (most well-deserved) about his "conference" blogging. But, I want you to know that he practices what he preaches. He came to a small church, in a small town, with nobody famous and gave an incredibly inspired message. Carl spoke about Elisha and the Shunammite women and death as a boundary. During that service a dear member who had been diagnosed with a brain tumor 4 days before crossed the boundary to be with the Lord. The family was at church listening to Carl's message from the Word at that time. They went home to find out the news. His message had a great impact on the funeral the next week, the congregation, and most particularly some of the unbelieving family that heard Carl's message. It's hard to believe a National Conference could replace that touching moment in time.

Again, I'm thankful for Reformation 21 - most particularly the godly men behind Ref 21. I know there is a lot of joking - and it is wonderful and entertaining. There is also a lot of depth and service to our Lord. Thank you again on many levels!


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