The Jones-Levy love-in

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We must all be very grateful to Paul Levy for his masterful exposition of Mark Jones's blurb on the KJV Study Bible.

But it is somewhat disappointing that we have not yet had an exposition of Mr Levy's house from aforementioned Dr Jones. Where the reciprocity?

Nor has anyone commented on how many times said international celebrity preacher posts things about "loving my little local church - it's the best in the world" and "why pastors should never leave a church", while he is jet-setting off around the world (far far away from his brilliant local church, which he loves with all his heart).

And, are there any insider pics from Chateau Levy? Ref21 needs to give us the in-depth analysis and expose that we deserve.

Posted December 4, 2014 @ 11:23 AM by Lee Gatiss

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