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I've spent the last 3 days with Mark Jones staying in my house which has been good value. He's not what I expected. A conglomeration of South Africa, England and Canada and a rabid Liverpool fan. He was in London for the Westminster Conference to do a session on the law. I wasn't able to go this year as I'm not retired and live in the 21st century. I'd not met Mark before but have enjoyed his posts. He shows a right and proper disregard for the powers that be and yet I spotted his recommendation of the new King James Version study Bible.

Let me give it to you here... "The KJV is not my primary Bible. But my family and I will be keeping this new KJV study Bible close by. This significant accomplishment should impact individuals, pastors, households, and churches far and wide. A study Bible for the heart and mind."

Now there are book blurbs which we all know aren't true but this one has a remarkable tone to it. Let's just do a little deconstruction. The first sentence is as masterful a book puff as I've seen. It looks to me like somebody didn't want to offend Joel Beeke when he asked for a commendation

'The King James is not my primary Bible' - what does that mean? My hunch is it's been a very long time since Mark Jones used the KJV. It's like when people ask me do I like opera and I say 'It's not my favourite thing' but it's the next part of the sentence that is wordsmithery at its finest 'but my family and I will be keeping it close by'. I like the King James version. Occasionally I go somewhere to preach and I'm asked to read from it and at that point my slight lisp becomes a huge speech impediment and I break out in a  sweat. Jones has got 4 year old twins. There is no chance he's going to be reading them the KJV but, however, Mark will be keeping the KJV study bible in close proximity. I think I'd want to argue that in this case keeping it near might be open to interpretation.

We invite followers of the blog to send in blurbs which are not really commendations and we'll print the best.
Posted December 4, 2014 @ 9:53 AM by Paul Levy

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