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Christian Focus Publications have often been the butt of my jokes and this post was originally going to be called '15 Books CFP Don't Want You to Know About' but, having thought about it, even I realise that would be an unhelpful title for them.  I am a huge fan of CFP. They produce masses of material and their  range of children's books is fantastic. If you are looking for books to give away have a look at their catalogue. They really do the Church a huge service in the children's material they are producing.


You might be thinking ''Has Levy been paid to write this post?'' but if you know anything of William Mackenzie you'll also know that's an impossibility.  So, I am giving you 15 excellent books published by CFP that you've probably never heard of. There was a time when CFP weren't the best with a spellchecker but who am I to judge?  I think it would be fair to say that they don't market like some other publishing houses but we must remember they are based to the North of Inverness; a place which, though beautiful, is the British equivalent of Alaska. Nice pictures but you don't really want to go there. I preached once in Inverness and when the plane door opened it was like stepping into the fridge. Never again. It took me 6 weeks to get warm. It's also the home of various Presbyterian turf wars and so, at least for the next while, I need to stay away.


Here are 15 books you might not have heard of. For those in the UK -  Evangelical Bookshop in Belfast have lots of these at really reduced prices, some less than half price, so do give them a ring or email here and they'll do you a deal. I understand WTS Books have nearly all of them in stock in the US.


15. Bible Overview - Steve Levy - OK it's written by my brother, let's get that out of the way. I recently saw it on sale for 50 pence in a Christian Book Shop in the reduced to clear bucket alongside works by TD Jakes and Benny Hinn which brought a great deal of joy to me as hislittle brother. It's a readable, Christo-centric introduction to the Bible.

14. Reformed Theological Writings - RA Finlayson - A classic. 32 articles in 3 sections on General Theology, Issues Facing Evangelicals and the Westminster Confession. Finlayson was Professor of Systematic Theology at the Free Church College. Alec Motyer calls him 'a giant'. The chapter on the 'Holy Spirit in the life of Christ' is worth buying the book for.

13. If I Die Before I Wake - Sinclair Ferguson and Scott Oliphant - a very helpful book to use with those nearing death, we've used it lots in church life.

12 Reformation - As much as it pains me to recommend this book by Trueman it is quite good. Very guilt inducing on the need for the original languages.

11. Daniel - Sean Lucas - Really encouraging expositions which model how to handle the text. Handling a book in big chunks with Christo-centric application.

10. Rich - Peter Dickson and David Gibson - this is a terrific book preaching parts of Luke's gospel. The authors have also developed this into a course. It's full of great insights into the text and wonderful fodder for sermons.

9. Alien Nation - Melvin Tinker - how on earth this book isn't better known I don't know. Anything Melvin Tinker writes is worth reading. He's fresh and thought provoking. This small book of sermons looking at how we live out the Christian life in exile is terrific.

8. God's People in the Wilderness: The Church in Hebrews - Palmer Robertson - masterful and you should buy it.

7. Lamp unto my feet - Peter Barnes - see here.

6. Matthew - Volumes 1 and 2 - Knox Chamblin -  see here.

5. Iron Sharpens Iron - Orlando Saer - I recently used this book on Bible study leader training course. I wouldn't agree with everything in it; at times you feel like you're being treated like a small child, but chapters 3 and 4 are particularly helpful for Bible study leaders.

4. Roots - Alec Motyer - Alec Motyer on every book on the Old Testament. Need I say more?

3. A Christian's Pocket Guide to Jesus Christ - Mark Jones - Clears up a lot of nonsense on Christology. Vital reading for all ministers and elders and leaves you wanting more.

2. And Then There Were Nine - David Searle - the title is a bit disconcerting but this little book is a wonderful exposition of the 10 commandments; the introduction is worth the price of the book alone.

1. God of all Grace - Douglas Macmillan - A man mountain of a preacher who deserves to be better known than he was. See here and here

Posted September 2, 2014 @ 7:07 AM by Paul Levy

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