November 8: Hebrews 3

Sean Lucas
In the first six verses of this chapter, the writer to the Hebrews urges us to fix our attention on Jesus--to keep him in our eye and to hold and cling to him. One reason why we should "consider Jesus," why we should fix our attention on him is because of his character displayed in his office. He is both apostle and high priest of our confession: he is the "sent one" who declares God's Word to us and he is the "mediator" who stands before God for us. As both prophet and priest, he does God's work on our behalf. 

But not only should we fix our attention on Jesus because of his offices, but we should also fix our attention on him because of his faithfulness: "Consider Jesus...who was faithful to him who appointed him." That picks up the language of Hebrews 2:17; Jesus is a "merciful and faithful high priest." But lest we think this is a small thing, we must remember what a chief characteristic of every other human being is: unfaithfulness. Whether spouse, co-worker, politician, friend, or even minister: every human being will falter, fail, and prove faithless at some point. Only Jesus is completely and absolutely faithful in his ministry to his people. 

And this is seen especially in comparison to Moses. He was Israel's great deliverer, prophet, and originator of Israel's religion. And yet, Jesus is more worthy of glory than Moses, more worthy of attention, because he was even more faithful. While Moses was "faithful in all my house" (cf. Numbers 12:6-8), Jesus is more faithful as the builder of God's house and as the fulfiller of all that Moses promised. As the Son of God, he rules over God's people and serves them well.

No wonder we are called by God to "turn your eyes upon Jesus; look full in his wonderful face; and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace!"