June 25: Psalms 119:73-96

Chris Larson
Our world is unstable. Nations, cultures, families are always in flux. Since the fall in the Garden, creation is plunged deep in the sea of turmoil. The created order is now disorder.

Enter God's Word:
•    It explains the origin of universal, invariable, and objective truths (Ps. 119:73, 90, 91)
•    It provides hope (Ps. 119:74)
•    It comforts (Ps. 119:76)
•    It is a settled reality that defines meaning and existence (Ps. 119:89)
•    It defines that which is right (Ps. 119:92)
•    It provides life (Ps. 119:88, 93)
•    It is without limit (Ps. 119:96).

Meditation on God's Word causes us to flee to Him alone for temporal and eternal salvation (Ps. 119:94). Enemies abound, within and without, but God alone is the One Who can save.

Is this your experience? Have you run to Him alone to find the nourishment necessary for such a settled conviction of faith? While the nations rage, we rest confident in the testimonies of our God (Ps. 2; Ps. 46; Ps. 119:95).