MDB 29: Mark 14

Stephen Nichols

In these various episodes just before the crucifixion, the disciples prove faithless in Jesus' final hour. First, we see the unnamed disciples who "indignantly" scold the woman who anoints Jesus (14:3-9). Then, of course, we're introduced to Judas' plotting to betray Jesus in 14:10-11, which then happens at the end of the chapter.

Then we have Peter's protestation that he would never deny Christ (14:31), followed by Peter's denial of Christ (14:71).

Then we have the disciples, minus Judas, in the Garden of Gethsemane. When Jesus needed them in this time of intense agony, they repeatedly revealed the weakness of their flesh (14:38).

This chapter is one long string of faithless people, except the woman who anoints Christ.  These aren't just any group of people, either. These are his closest associates and followers who have seen just about everything and anything these last several years.

And this is precisely why Christ had to come, precisely why his active obedience and his passive obedience are necessary. We are faithless. We are weak. We can not watch for one hour, let alone through the night. And, most importantly, we cannot bear the cup of God's wrath. There is but one who can, one who remains faithful, one who endured the cross and the cup of God's wrath.  He did this for us, his faithless and weak disciples.