Who'll be there?

I see there is a book signing in Moscow, Idaho, today and tomorrow.  I wonder, which of the authors will be there to put their John Hancocks on the title page?  Greg Bahnsen and Ellen G. White are both dead so I assume they are unavailable -- but maybe Iain Murray, Paul Rose, Wayne Blank and Tim Challies will be joining the festivities?  As the man says, should be a collector's item before sundown.  But maybe not for the reasons originally assumed.

Some people think I take an overly pessimistic view of the way in which the conservative Protestant world of big gospel business does its work and imposes its agenda.  I think I may ultimately prove to have been a naive optimist. Because it's a very small, self-policing world, as Rod Dreher makes clear in his critique of this mendacious buffoonery at the end of his blog.

But I am sure I can hear the sound of the Idaho wagon train circling even as I write.


STOP PRESS: Looks like the book signing is off.  I guess they just realized White and Bahnsen couldn't make it without somebody breaching Old Testament law.