We Are The Village Green Appreciation Society

On this week's MoS, we are trying to do what we always do: preserving the old ways from beingkinks.jpg abused, protecting the new ways, for me and for you.  That sort of thing.

In this remarkable age, where emoting in public comes as standard, where all disagreement is taken personally and requires online histrionics, and where the boundaries between public and private have been eroded to all but nothing, we ask about the role of social media in all of this.  We also speculate on the connection between living lives as public, online spectacles on Facebook and Twitter and the nature of pornography.  And we contrast the approach to public and private in the lives of Martin Luther and John Owen.  Not bad for two grumpy old-ish men and a girl in just over ten minutes.

And, if you feel like emoting in public because you disagree with any of this, I suggest you first of all click this link, lie back, and soak in the experience of a truly great band performing a track from one of the greatest concept albums of the sixties.  True class.  And works every time.  We are not worthy.  Though we are a bit grumpy.  At least two of us, that is.
grumpy old men.jpg