Waynetta, Garth and the White Horse Spin

A rather good few weeks came to a crashing end yesterday when one of my elders broke theLed-Zeppelin-remasters-770.jpg sad news to me that Miley Cyrus has covered a Led Zeppelin classic.  Now, I am not one of those who think that Zeppelin can never be covered with credit -- Heart's version of Stairway to Heaven being a good example.  But La Cyrus was simply not up to the task.  When listening to it, one does not have to share Disco Dan's eschatological convictions to find oneself ruminating on whether the Tribulation has truly started.

So, in order to inject some cheer back into the week, we have another Spin out, wherein the Ref Pack interviews the almost legendary Mike Horton, host of the White Horse Inn, versatile theologian, and apparently an aficionado of zinfandel.  After he undergoes a routine psychological profiling test in which we learn which Reformed Chickliterista he favours (the nice one or La Diva della Nunchucks -- have a guess), discussion moves swiftly to his discovery of Reformed theology, his friendship with James Montgomery Boice, his lifelong liking for puka shells, and his views of Luther and Calvin.  Along the way, the fawning over 'sir, Doctor Horton, sir' exhibited by Todd and Aimee kept giving me flashbacks to this piece of classic cinema, a scene weirdly prophetic of the atmosphere of abject obeisance which permeated the Underground Bunker this week.  The program also closes out to some classic Stones and provides a taster to next week's offering.  The Admiral, Jack Bauer and the Mad Woman are clearly taking us to a new level.