Time is running out

Help, is there anybody out there???  Please, please come to rescue me.

I've now been held by Tony `the Gent' and his boys for three weeks in some underground location. Will somebody please try to find me and rescue me?  I can't give you a precise location -- occasionally I hear voices in a room above me, apparently talking trash about Cartesian dualism, expressing admiration for French deconstruction, and saying that the church must `move beyond the modernist impasse,' so I'm guessing that I'm either being held under a freshman frat house, or a room used for meetings of `Pretentiously Portentous Cliche-Users Anonymous,' or Tony is trying to drive me mad by making me believe I'm trapped in the mid-1980s.

Anyway, Tony and the boys say that unless they are granted free access to the Ref21 blog within the next week, they are going to put a bullet in my brain.  At the very least, that will mean I won't be able to sit down or ride my new bike for a few months.  These boys aren't fooling.  Del, just do as they say.