Time for Trillia, but beware.....

The latest MoS podcast is up.  In this one, the team interview Trillia Newbell, author of the forthcoming book United on the subject of... diversity.   A perennially tricky question, we hope the discussion proves helpful.

In other news, the Mad Woman in the Attic officially launched her takeover of the program on Monday.  Times have changed since the early days when it was just Todd, myself, Sir George Martin and the Puppet Master.  Next came Nunchucks, always turning up hours late for rehearsals and then throwing tantrums on set.  Now we have a second Prima Donna with whom we have to cope.   Life just gets harder. (Postscript: an earlier version of this post gave the wrong title for Trillia's book.  With too many lady bosses now throwing their weight around at the Spin, my mind was spinning with notions of, ahem, "Divasity." Apologies to Trillia).