Three's a Crowd

Last November, over at First Things, Peter Leithart declared the end of Protestantism in what proved to be an incendiary post.  A few days later, Fred Sanders of Biola University, fired back, declaring that it was his joy to be and to remain a Protestant.

That exchange led to the organisation of a panel discussion next week at Biola University, sponsored by the Torrey Institute, the Davenant Trust, and First Things.  While I was not involved in the original exchange, I have been invited to be one of the three panelists addressing the issue of Protestantism's future.  The chance to engage the good doctors face to face was not one I could miss.  Perhaps the scenario reads a little like the preamble to a bad joke, 'A federal visionary, an OPCer, and a Wesleyan go into a bar....' but the hope is that the outcome will be constructive.  The event will be live-streamed.  I also hope to offer some reflection on the discussion here at a later date.

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