They Have Their Exits

After nearly a decade at Ref21, this marks my last post on the blog.  I think I outlasted every single one of the original cast, all of whom ended up going on to higher and greater things inScenefromOhWhataLovelyWar-4.jpg various more respectable parts of the Evangelical Establishment.  Only I remained as the one on whom all attempts at re-education by the Top Men of the EIC proved uniformly pointless -- or who lacked better offers.  From 'Mother Bear,' the homeschooling mum who threatened to tear me limb from limb if I ever dared to show my face in her hometown, to the angry emails from the Great and Powerful Oz, to the distinguished academic sociologist who took time off from reviewing his own books on Amazon (giving them 5 stars, natch) to let me know that I would be pitiable if I were not so annoying, I have truly enjoyed interacting with them all.  Thanks for the memories.  But now it is time to move on. (By the way, those Amazon reviews all mysteriously disappeared after Ref21 broke the story.) 

au_revoir_les_enfants_.jpgThus, in a few days, I will be moving with my two Ref Pack colleagues to a new blog connected to the Mortification of Spin, returning here only to publish articles and reviews as required by DelBoy's consigliere.  But the blog is in good hands: with Frank working on a series of posts about how offended he is that the Pope has the temerity once in a while to make statements consistent with his Catholicism, and Jonesy fretting out loud about why nobody likes him, it is likely to be business as usual on the PC front.

In the meantime, there is a new Spin out, in which the Ref Pack discusses the new book from Daniel Block, For the Glory of God, a quite superb discussion of the biblical theology of worship.  Listen to the podcast, buy the book, read it and apply it.  It is very, very good.

And so I and my Ref Pack partners bid Ref21 adieu. And while I would love to leave to a piece of classic rock, I think this is more appropriate.  I dedicate it to all the Top Men out there.  It's been fun -- and we shall indeed meet again very soon.