The Style Council

The latest MoS is up and discussion ranges this week from chest waxing among churchted and co.jpg planters in today's PCA to the nature of sanctification.  When it comes to fashion among today's Presbyterians, the PCA really does set the pace.  Now it even has its own style magazine.  OPC ministers meanwhile are less well served in the sartorial aesthetics department.  Rumour has it that many settle for getting style pointers from reading the fashion pages of old copies of Modern Librarian Magazine in the waiting room at the local dentist surgery.  

Anyway, this week we interview the Man with the Universally Foreign Accent about the nature of sanctification.   Three Presbyterian ministers and a female martial artist to make the tea.  Doesn't get better than that.  Except it does. I also achieve every middle-aged, bitter and balding podcaster's dream: being played out by Joe Strummer and the boys.   No prizes for guessing which track I chose.