The Spin -- We're Here to Help with All Life's Question

As is well known, the Spin Team are more than happy to answer listeners' questions and here is one that came in yesterday, reprinted here with permission and commentary:


Hello Dr. Trueman! My name is ***** and I'm a prospective student of Westminster. Firstly, I've been listening to your lectures on iTunesU and have thoroughly enjoyed them. [CRT -- C'mon, man, there's much more you could say -- about my rapier wit, classical learning, etc. etc.] Secondly, I also listen to Mortification of Spin and thank you for your contributions there as well as it has helped prepare me for ministry [CRT -- yes, I do my best to counteract the PCA nonsense of TP and the ditzy blonde ramblings of the Byrd.  Glad my efforts are appreciated by someone.] This may seem like an odd and random contact, [CRT: not compared to many we get, trust me....] but my wife, her family, and I will be traveling to England and Ireland this July [CRT: Avoiding Wales is always a good move, for reasons too obvious to need pointing out]. We'll be spending some time in Dublin, County Kerry, and London. I was wondering if you know of any good pubs in those areas. [CRT: Is the Pope Catholic?  Is Liechtenstein small?] I know you're from Gloucestershire, [CRT: Come on you cherry and whites!] and I hope this request doesn't seem patronizing in anyway [CRT: Look, I've had the Top Men email me.  I know patronizing when I read it and you're doing fine], but since I tragically don't know any Englishmen personally [CRT: I just cried a little.  You, my friend, have never lived, and probably never drunk tea while listening to The Who], I thought I'd contact you [CRT: So young and yet so wise....]. Please let me know! Cheers and amen.


Of course,  I would recommend the Ten Bells in Whitechapel -- historic for its connection with Jack the Ripper, with some good ales, and the Nag's Head at Covent Garden. The latter offers great pub grub and decent beer in one of my favourite parts of London.  All true beers are served flat and at room temperature, as you know.  The first mark of real civilization.


CRT: In an earlier version of this post, I referred to my beloved Gloucester Rugby Club as the cherry and reds.  This has now been corrected.  I am ashamed of my typo.  Truly.


So glad to have been of help.