The Puppetmaster, a Birthday, and a new MoS-BP

At a Monday meeting to talk about future strategy and the forthcoming Ref21 makeover with the Puppetmaster,seventh seal.jpg I was able to hold him at bay on the chessboard and thus postpone him taking Mortification of Spin off the air.  It was particularly encouraging to hear that people thought the podcast had become 'nicer' since the arrival of Aimee on the scene.  Indeed, Aimee is so flattered that, if she finds out the name and address of those who made that comment, she will be be thanking them in person with a couple of swift nunchuck manoeuvres.

old school.jpgAnyway, as we enter the second year of our ongoing pea-under-the mattress rebellion against the hegemony of thoseaimee bear.jpg very important Top Men, we start with a Bully Pulpit discussing a recent article by Jonathan Storment over at Jesus Creed on the church's obsession with youth.  As miserable, middle-aged balding types, Todd and I have a particularly intense dislike of young people, mainly on the grounds that they are young people and we are old, old school, and proud of it.  In our opinion, young people should be banned or at least not encouraged.  Aimee probably disagrees.  But then, as the vox populi has declared, she is nice.  Real nice.  Sweet, cuddly, and, above all, very, very nice.

In other news, I had the chance this week to give Todd and Aimee first-hand experience of my church growth strategy.  I call it 'Highways and Byways'. It is most effective, as you can see.