Spin Brother No. 1

Two weeks ago the Ref Pack spoke to Delboy 'Derek' Thomas, the Peter Frampton of Reformed churchmanship.  In this week's episode we move from rock to soul, and spend the show talking pj02_hr.jpgwith the evangelical world's answer to James Brown: Phil Johnson, the hardest working man in evangelicalism  The discussion ranges widely, from the life and preaching of that inimitable gift of God to the church, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, to Frank 'the Windmill' Sollozzo's danceJames_Brown-1.jpeg moves.   We also break new ground for the podcast: in our never ending quest to improve audio quality and the overall listening experience, we recorded this episode entirely in period costume.   Phil (below, right) looks particularly pensive, possibly confused at having to shed his trademark Hawaiian beach shirt and modish Panama hat.  Hey, Phil, if you want to hang with Her Royal Divaness, La Casalinga Teologica, and her loyal pair of swashbalding Presbyteer bodyguards, then you have to dress the part, I'm afraid.