Sidekicks and Second Best

Yes, indeed, rumors of my celebrity have been greatly exaggerated.   True, I have met many MoS listeners at the Shepherds Conference but nearly all of them have commented on how great it is to have Aimee on the show as this means it is something their wives will listen to as well.  And then there was the now-traditional humiliation at the hands of Steve Nichols®  (pictured right).This time Fred Butler came up to the two of us, briefly shook my hand, and then turned to Steve Nichols® and told him he writes the most interesting and useful church history books in the world.  I politely coughed and gently corrected him -- 'I think you mean "the second best most interesting and useful church history books in the world."'  No, said Fred, looking somewhat puzzled, Steve is the number one!

So there you have it.  Not much to show for a life, is it?  Late forties and known only as La Diva's sidekick and the second best church historian.  As I have thought for quite a while now, Todd and I are merely the Supremes to Aimee's Diana Ross.  What can I say to all these people, Steve Nichols® included?  Stop, in the name of love, before you break my heart.