Rod Dreher's Anglican Phase

Those who receive the podcast link by email will have been shocked to see that Rod Dreher is -- or was for a brief time (seven and a half hours, to be precise) -- an Anglican.  The Mad Woman in the Attic is responsible for the blurbs.  What can I say about the Mad Woman?  Can't live with her; can't fire her either, apparently.  And if nothing else distinguishes MoS from other parachurch outfits out there, we do apologize when we get it wrong.  Indeed, her apology (as pasted here from her email to Rod, one of America's most distinguished conservative journalists) is one for the ages -- full of the usual deference, respect, and serious humility we on the Spin Team have come to regard as our hallmark:


Rod -- My sincerest apologies for subjecting you to Anglicanism for 7 and a half hours. You were converted at 12 am (in your sleep?) and returned to your orthodoxy at 7:30. I'm sure it was a crazy ride. I'm curious ... would you ever do it again?