Reflecting on ECT

Rusty Reno at First Things has now published the reflections on Evangelicals and Catholics Together.  You can find Mark McDowell’s introduction and rationale here, Timothy George’s piece here, Thomas Guarino’s here, and mine here.

My approach is slightly different to what might be expected. While I make it clear that I do not agree with the sanguine conclusions of the other two authors, I focus more on the kind of ecumenism which the vested interests, powerful personalities, and big money organizations of the reformed evangelical world tacitly pursue.  This is an ecumenism on the quiet. It is hugely influential but with little or no external or ecclesiastical accountability and the financial and corporate power to operate with impunity. Those who wish to engage with the theological and political complexity of the current reformed evangelical world will hopefully find the piece helpful. Others who prefer their theological and cultural analysis in 140 characters or less will have to look elsewhere.