Rachel Miller on CBMW and EFS/ERAS

Rachel Miller has a fine post tracing the relationship between CBMW and EFS/ERAS.  It is also helpful in highlighting connections (which I was told I misrepresented in my first post on the subject) between various of the headlining Big Eva organizations.


I am perplexed that a Christian organization would declare itself neutral on the Trinity debate -- not simply because of the evidence collated by Rachel but also because of the principle involved.  To be neutral on the issues raised is, as I said in my first post, to stand aside from the historic Christian tradition which is emphatically not neutral on this issue, seeing it as basic to what the Christian faith is, and for which, at least in the fourth century, many made significant personal sacrifices.   Who has decided that this doctrine, of all things, is a matter for private judgment?


So two questions come to mind: First, how can a Christian organization possibly be neutral on the Trinity?  It is hard to imagine an organization being neutral on, say, the Incarnation, the Deity of the Spirit, the doctrine of scripture etc.  And the Trinity involves the very identity of God.   This surely indicates something about contemporary evangelical culture in relation to the Christian tradition.


Second, Why would a Christian organization want to be neutral on the doctrine of the Trinity?   That is probably the more insightful question as it takes us to the heart of the dynamics of the evangelical world as currently constituted.