On Archie Rice (and our own Annie Oakley)

This week's Spin is up and in this episode the team tackle a number of closely related issues: the power photo-4.JPGof high profile pastors, the psychology of loyal commitment to a big name long after all credibility has really vanished, and the puzzling question of why those who point out that emperors have no clothes are first of all excoriated for stating the obvious and then, at a later stage, excoriated for reminding people that the obvious was exactly what they stated.

photo-5.JPGIn other news, the Mad Woman in the Attic has made a couple of purchases on her Alliance account in order to deepen her control over people and events at the Underground Bunker.  La Diva is no longer the only lethal weapon on set, it seems.   Indeed, the nunchucks look positively harmless in comparison.