My name is Bill and I'm a headcase

This week's MoS is up, where, inspired by this article, we discuss the increasing redefinition of freedom of religion as freedom to worship -- but only on property owned or leased by your church.  As campuses across the country come to prioritise academic justice (sic) over academic freedom, and as any deviation from the bien pensant party line is seen as a dangerous act of social deviance, life is set to become much more restricted in all manner of ways, not least for Christians.  This raises all manner of questions, not least ecclesiological, for Christians and the church.

In fact, the trend of modern identity politics makes this piece of classic rock now seem like a scarily accurate prophecy.  I think Pete and Rog were singing about the year 2020.

In other news, the Mad Woman in the Attic is now firmly in control and, wow, is she mad.  Some of you have asked what she looks like.  One word: scary.  As you can see, it has precipitated some serious team discussion.  Are the days of Ref Pack partying coming to an end?
Sinatra dino shirley.jpeg