McKnight on Bonhoeffer on Dummheit

Scot McKnight and I disagree about a lot of things theological and ecclesiastical but share a number of passions.  These have led to some interesting and, on the face of it, unlikely 'odd couple' conversations and friendly dialogue over the last few years, on everything from Islay Scotch to the writings of Joseph Epstein.  One of the more serious interests we hold in common is the phenomenon of Nazi Germany, the nature of the church to the Nazi state, and the lessons which might be gleaned from reflection on the same.  As I have written on Holocaust Denial, so Scot has wrestled long and hard with the figure of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  Today, Scot offers some reflections on his blog on an essay by Bonhoeffer which addressed the question of why Nazism was allowed to happen.   Scot's thoughts will repay thoughtful reflection because the implications are relevant even when the stakes are somewhat smaller.