I had today had a new accusation added to the several that have been made against me over the years: lycanthropy. Indeed.  I found myself in the car park of a local Barnes and Noble being berated by a certain gentleman for being a `wolfman who daily devours young children and students.'  Bizarre, but I can assure you this is no joke. Unfortunately, I got the giggles while the `gentlemen' vented his spleen, and my oldest son who was with me at the time, was unable to get the scene videoed on his cellphone for what Del-Boy assures me would have been a superb Youtube entry.  If any Ref21 readers were there at the time and caught the action, please let me know.  A sad example of the de-Kline of public Christian courtesy (there's a clue there as to the `gentleman's identity...)

Anyway, must dash -- full moon tonight and I have -- ahem -- business to which I must attend........