Lock up your daughters?

While I have no vested interest in the issue myself, this week's Mortification of Spin takes up theLock Up Your Daughters.jpg issue of dating and courtship.  This is apparently a hot topic in the wider evangelical world but one which has entirely passed me by, despite having been something of a fan of Noddy and the boys way back when.  So, if you dig the Duggars or pull for patriarchy, then this one might not be for you.  In fact, it might be the first of a few Spins that are not for you.

SylviaSyms.pngIn other news, wild rumours are circulating that the Puppet Master is about to commission the Ref Pack to take on a whole new venture.  The epic voyage through the long, arid desert may soon be coming to an end and Todd, Aims and myself might very well be getting close to downing a cold one together at journey's end (as long as the Mad Woman in the Attic grants permission).  Watch this space.  Or maybe, just maybe, watch some other space.  Who knows?  And who cares?