Leadership... and obedience

This week's Mortification of Spin is now available and in this episode the Ref Pack discusses thecurtis martin leigh 2.jpeg nature, challenges, and joys of church leadership.  First, however, Aimee and I confront Todd with some dark facts from his former, pre-Presbyterian life.  It is sad to hear the man making such weak and weaselly excuses for his early behaviour.  'I was just a Southern Baptist youth pastor!' and 'I was only obeying orders!' hardly give one confidence in the man's integrity and judgment.  As you can see, after the show was over, he did become rather aggressive with Aimee outside the studio as she raised the ticklish issues of whether he had ever been to an Amy Grant concert, had a mystical experience at one of Frank 'the Turk' Sollozzo's windmill farms, or owned a Yanni album ('OK, here's the deal - I was just a youth pastor who had been instructed by my superiors to do outreach among Greek American kids....')

Meanwhile, the Reign of Terror continues at Head Office, with these posters now being displayed over every computer terminal: