Visiting RTS Jackson today, it was a thrill to be in the home state of the late great Robert Johnson (look him up on Wikipedia, Del); and to be introduced by Dr Thomas to RTS as a `gangly nerd,' Del continuing to labour under the delusion that I operate under pseudonyms on the Ref21 blog.  Rodney, Gareth, Tony and co are real reality, I tell you (to adapt Schaeffer) -- I chatted to them yesterday just before that nice doctor chappy gave me my that interesting medicine before my afternoon nap.
One thing struck me -- a pastor came to speak to me after I had spoke at chapel on the issue of humility (no laughing on the back row, Thomas....).  When you talk to a humble man, he said, you don't walk away thinking `Wow, that guy's a humble man.'  No, you come away thinking `That man seemed really interested in listening to what I had to say.'