Fighting Talk

lonely man (200x144).jpgWhile I was away attempting to kick-start a solo career last week and, as you can see, enjoying the accolades of huge and unprecedented personal popularity, Nunchucks and the Scarecrow recorded a Bully Pulpit by themselves.  In it, they address the matter of Fight Church, an interestingly mindless attempt to marry the gospel with extreme levels of unacceptable violence.  You know the kind of thing.  Anyway, the Remanent Two discuss the issues raised by this latest ecclesiastical phenomenon until the point where Todd mysteriously vanishes.  Has he been kidnapped by our nemesis, the Man Behind the Curtain (who makes a cameo appearance near the start)?   Did the Puppet Master simply unplug his microphone in response to popular demand?  Or does his church need to invest some capital in a decent internet connection?   dorothy and scarecrow.jpg