Desperate Theologizing or Desperate Machismozing?

The prize for the most confusing statement of the day (and maybe the week) goes to the Gospel Coalition, who apparently found this statement worth tweeting:


"It’s more masculine to be attracted to men yet obedient to God than attracted to women and disobedient to God."


You can read the full article here.   Which you will have to do if you are to stand any chance of answering the Diva's favourite question when confronted with pseudo-profound, pretentious gibberish: What does that even mean?


The use of the idea of masculinity in such a way no doubt plays well to the testosterone-obsessed gallery, while the strange parallel the author draws between the illegitimate expression of a legitimate desire and the refusal to act on an illegitimate desire represents a category confusion which thus cannot substantiate the claim -- even if, merely for the sake of argument, we allow that the claim about being 'more masculine' actually means anything. Which it doesn't.   And, given TGC's imprimatur, this is a most unhelpful and irresponsible tweet (even by the exacting standards of the medium) for the church as a whole.