Calvin's 1541 French Now in English

The Westminster Bookstore is selling two Calvin volumes at a bargain price this week: A Guide to Christian Living and, most notably, a new English translation of the 1541 edition of the Institutes.

On the Institutes, Calvin aficionados will know that the 1539 and 1541 editions embody key structural changes and elaboration of the somewhat brief 1536 edition and stand in significant continuity with the 1559.   It is also worth knowing that the French editions were often less caustic about opponents and more explicitly precise in their polemical targets than the Latin. 

If you get the email, there is also a dramatic reading in a very sophisticated accent of themolesworth_reasonably_small.jpg opening passages of two translations of the 1559 and the translation of the 1541.  The reader did his best but it is sadly not as inspiring as this, nor as heartbreaking as that.