Asylum for the Spinsane

The latest Mortification of Spin (Trivial Fascinations) is up.  To quote a Mrs T from Pennsylvania who listened to a preview 'This one hits a new low even for you two.'    The legendary Steve Nichols is the guest and topics covered include: the possibility of being deported as a permanent US resident; the moment when B. B. King asked for an audience with Derek 'Delboy' Thomas; the artistic contribution of 'you know, that guy who sang on just the one Van Halen album'; the classic rock nadir of Coverdale Page (no relation of Miles); and Steve's humiliating encounter with Christian hairmolesworth runs.jpg rockers of yesteryear, Stryper.  Plus we offer a few thoughts on youth culture in the church. on catechesis and on the need for churches to have everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, in the congregation.    The fortnightly asylum for those who are middle aged, balding and oh-so-sceptical of the polite evangelical consensus awaits.