Around and About

A couple of items have been brought to my attention.

Over at First Thoughts, trans-Tiberian Ref21 reader, David Mills, offers some thoughts on J. G. Machen, inspired by D.G. Hart.  Worth reading as are, unusually for a comment open blog, the comments -- no reference to Nazis or Hitler, and some fascinating insights into early Westminster faculty.

In other news, another Ref21 reader has brought to my attention that Beautiful People everywhere should apply for the latest opportunity to change/transform 'the culture.'  Find out how to apply here.

If, however, you have crooked teeth, are the wrong side of forty to be of any use in the modern church and are going thin on top but do not have the courage or the coolness to do the full Yul Brynner, help is at hand: there will be another Mortification of Spin out on Wednesday.  Our unofficial motto: 'Not changing the culture; just complaining about it, one show at a time.'

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